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Tony Montana - Licker scammer etc etc

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He come to icq to buy, DONT READ/RESPECT ANY RULE, and after stuff was replaced he claim not worked and ask SAME BINS!!!!!

I told in clear after replaced various stuff (even checked and approved!) that i DONT WANT HIM, he went to icq insisting then banned.

He thing that he post around drops names and i run to give him more dumps, hope shit like him will die in the hell.

Ask to admins to ban this asshole and delete drop names from my vendor topic!

IF he was really fucked then just come here in ripper section and post proobes against me in place of playing this stupid game!

ALL ICQ LOGS i can send to admins and wh ask in every moment!

Btw. : this snitch, infamous, idiot, cop is posting in any knowed shitty forums (even rippers forums) drop names!